Hi I’m Anna!

In the past few years, I have been looking for a medium that allows me to convey the beauty in my eyes. Fashion, painting, photography, are all the expressions that I have tried to find. My first connection with flower design has been dated back to my wedding 4 years ago. I was not only amazed by the beauty of flowers created by the florist, but also delighted with the happiness and power flowers bringing to people. Since then, I’ve started learning from several talented florists and gradually explored my own style. I love the uniqueness of every design. despite the color changed seasonally and the shape altered by nature, the result makes me obsessive in many ways. The experience with flowers in the past years lets me believe that flower is the medium I have been seeking for.

AH Les Fleurs, my floral business, has been established in 2018, which is committed to choosing colors, textures, shapes of flowers, foliage, and other market-friendly varieties, to build natural, fresh, garden like floral design. After all, embrace and respect the nature of beauty are the best interpretation of this floral journey.